Logic Unleashed

The most powerful force in the universe is logic: the power of communication also the power of the word.

Meaning has value. By creating meaning, one creates value and property. Those things with value compose property. Logic is at its root about property values. If logic had no value it would have no meaning and it would have nothing to do with property.

Conflicts are always over meaning. It is through the manipulation of meaning, that is the corruption of our ability to communicate, that is behind all conflict and social division. Without being able to communicate we could not create meaning and value. If communication was totally eliminated property would no longer exist. Without symbology, words and language, we cannot create. Creativity is the manipulation of logic to produce things with value.

All problems are based on a sense of risk and a threat of loss to property defined as things with value. These threats to property are conflicts about ownership. Conflicts about ownership creates liabilities and vice versa. Tribal organizations absorb liabilities giving stakeholders a common interest in each others property. There is a vested interest in each others well-being. 

Logic leads to tribal living.

Logical Exchanges

Exchanges are organizations designed to absorb risks to property by producing a tribal form of organization. Tribal units are composed of between three and fifteen persons. Together tribes form a community. Communities are created to reduce threats of loss and increase property values. Exchanges eliminate risk and threats of loss to property by ensuring everyone takes responsibility for the costs they create. Mitigation of risk requires accountability. Accountability has negative and positive aspects. 

The Exchange issues each stakeholder an account. Each account in the ledger contains a debit column for purchases and a credit column for income. When value is created by the member, their credit column increases. When value is consumed by the member, their debit column increases. 

The struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in the highest places. The fight is against loss of property values. Spiritual wickedness creates costs for others at the highest level is the level at which governments and globalists operate.

ten Features of exchanges



  1. Promote local ownership of local resources.
  2. Quantify all costs and claims.
  3. Require accountability from members.
  4. Objectively determine if actions add value to the community or not.
  5. Reduce risk and threats of loss. 
  6. Promote Principle of Subsidiarity.
  7. Increase specialization.
  8. Reduce consumption and increase production.
  9. Quantify success and failure using debit and credit accounts.
  10. Define morality as accountability.

Click for more about Exchanges

Click for more about Exchanges

The age of Liberalism

Liberalism has persisted for 6000 years

To understand the lack of accountability in the present system we need to understand the origins of the left and its obsession with power. 

Liberalism is the main expression of the Sinister position. Liberalism is a moral and political philosophy based on the supremacy of freedom and the state as the agent responsible for providing moral and physical freedom. Freedom is the exercise of power. To some extent this desire for freedom has carried over into the politics of free trade and globalism. Free trade and globalism is the expression of unfettered power in business and politics. This focus on power creates a culture of competition.

Democracy is an institution that legitimizes the free expression of power by linking political power to majority rule. 

The Age Of Liberalism is known by:

  • A lack of accountability.
  • Identity politics and entitlements based on identity.
  • The rise of tribalized groups.
  • Institutions that legitimize and systemize rapine based on tribal rights.
  • The power of taxation exercised by the state in favor of one tribe over others.
  • The state as a purveyor of social goods favoring a tribe.
  • Erosion of a moral distinction between good and evil by tribal identifiers.
  • A culture of victimhood and the demonization of a class of evil doers.
  • The existence of liabilities and double entry accounting.
  • A loss of responsibility.
  • A denial of accountability.
  • The externalization of costs.
  • Pollution, waste, inflation, and other social costs as indicative of a culture of non accountability.
  • A large and growing bureaucracy to take care of the states interventionist policies.
  • The growth of rapacious organizations that are not cognizant of property rights or values.
  • Polities in which the end (rapine) justifies the means.
  • The tribalization of society. 
  • Power disparities linked to tribal identity.
  • Increased externalization of costs.


Three Sisters of liberalism

The three woman of the bible who first exhibited the mindset of a liberal. If you want to know why liberalism is the way it is and how and why the facets of liberalism arose, watch this video. Liberalism is founded on the egos (the power brokering) of three women; Eve, Sara and Herodias.



The age of Logic

Liberalism is a direct result of Eve’s rebellion in the Garden. Adam and Eve in response to Satan’s rejection of God’s property Rights. In other words, a majority vote removed God’s Inalienable Rights to what He created. The rebellion denied the need for accountability.

Liberalism is the ideology of the left. The Right is composed of people accountable for the political jurisdiction in which they reside. Accountability means we are accountable for the costs we create, and the costs created by others, within an area (political jurisdiction). 

Accountability requires dominion over territory and the exercise of a justice function in relation to it. Liberals think political ideology or identity gives them rights over what belongs to others outside their political circle. Democratic majorities cannot outvote human rights.

Entitlements are simply a manifestation of the tyranny of the majority. Democratic victories beguile governments into believing the state has a legitimacy and power it does not have. No one has the right to impose risks and costs onto others regardless of majority opinion. No one has a right to what they did not create. No majority can eliminate the need for accountability.

Dextarian advances a Risk Mitigation Strategy based on charity. Solutions provided by charitable organizations put the ownership of what is created into the hands of the one who created the asset. The creators of a political jurisdictions have jurisdictional authority over that jurisdiction as a thing they created.

The Age Of Logic is known by:

  • The elimination of hierarchies and the state
  • Accountability
  • The elimination of taxation
  • The establishment of a Zero Tax rate
  • The end of man's rule of man
  • Flat organizational structures.
  • Absence of power disparities.
  • Adherence to the Principle of Subsidiarity
  • The free market as the central authority.
  • Property rights respected.
  • Human rights established and legal rights rejected.
  • The state as an administrative agency not a prescriptive one.
  • The elimination of all social costs, including pollution, unemployment, debt, taxation, inflation, interest rates and assets used as money.
  • Social goods made a product of the common market.
  • Protection of boundaries and borders
  • Understanding of spiritual and physical property rights.
  • Right to sue for the loss of value whether the loss pertains to physical or spiritual property values.
  • Ascendency of Analytical truth over Synthetic truth.


The Golden exchange

a sustainable retirement for seniors

The Golden Exchange is a mission provided to  seniors for seniors designed to create autonomy in through charity within the setting of a local retirement community. Its objective is to provide a safe place to retire based on providing mentoring for unskilled populations in return for the development of a community of support workers. 

The short list of steps is as follows:

  • Land is obtained in a target community.
  • A mentoring program is established.
  • Tools and equipment consistent with the mission, is transferred to the new location. 
  • Volunteers transfer to the mission to begin the mentoring process.
  • As skills are developed commercial enterprises are established.
  • The mission target is the formation of a retirement community designed with support programs and self-sustaining commercial enterprises.

Retirement is a problem for many seniors. If it is not money it is the problem of finding how to set up a comfortable retirement environment, or a way to keep busy in a meaningful way. Many seniors have skills formed over many years of employment. Golden Exchange is a program that enables seniors to set up retirement community in a hospitable climate and to finance this through mentoring the local population to the level at which sustainable businesses can be established. These businesses serve as a source of income and support for the retirement community.