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Who We Are/what we do

Who We Are

Dextarian is a logical organization, mankinds first logic-based structure.

What We Do

Dextarian creates logical narratives and constructs logical forms of thinking. 

How We Do It

Dextarian advances logic in opposition to myth.


Every problem is a cost that someone created but did not pay. This is socialism. Socialism is simply poor accounting. Mythology creates threats of loss and risk for society and future generations. The creation of costs others must pay is socialism.  Socialism is a manifestation of Babylon. Babylon falsifies costs and infringes on ownership rights by the promotion of mythological narratives. 

sinisterism Defined

The left is the ideology of power. Sinisterism is the economics of myth. Socialism is the power to allocate resources through the power of myth; otherwise known as illusion. Socialism is accounting based on ideology or values founded on myth. Sinisterism is a reality of illusion.

For the left, ends justify means. If the means involves the perpetuation of ideology and mythology so be it. It is the imagination that is important. The left loves the trappings of power, the pomp and pageantry and the servitude of underlings. This is the way of the left. 

The way of the left presents Sinisters with a technical problem. Illusion creates no wealth. Its a path that is parasitic. The only way liberals can achieve their ends is by expropriating wealth from the creative sector. This explains why division is created by the left. Despite their lies the issue the left has with the right is that the right is erected barriers to the expropriations of the left.

Every division in society and every conflict exists because costs created by one agent is externalized onto those who did not create it. If you wish to understand history and conflict look at who is producing the wealth and who is trying to take if from them.

Creating costs society and future generations must pay, is not ethical or rational because it does not produce something we value, or wealth. Creating costs others must pay is the definition of evil. Evil destroys things of value without a compensatory benefit.

Sin is an act that creates costs for oneself. Evil creates costs for others. This can include the cost of the oppression. Subjugating other people creates costs the oppressed must pay.

There is a clear line of demarcation between left and right. The liberal church is an abomination and must be destroyed. All missions, small groups and churches must systematically work to eliminate social costs and increase specialization. If what you are doing does not pay its costs and produce real value that can be quantified it is not godly.


Dexterism Defined

Dextarian is the manifestation of logic. The right is a commitment to and a dedication to logic. Logic opposes myth. Logic pays for itself. Dextarian is a commitment to organizations that pay their own way, the foundation of Dextarian is accountability. We are committed to paying all costs we create and imposing no costs onto others created by us, that is those committed to the Dextarian Logic.

Dextarian is the new right or what is referred to as the hard right. The hard right is ruled by logical necessity. Dextarian Populists are businessmen and woman who adhere to the business ethics of accountability. Dextarians believe to be a business person is to be accountable for the costs we create. Dextarians respect property rights and respect the ownership rights to what others have created.

Dextarian is a commitment to the free market as the adjudicator of value well as the Labor Theory of Value as the source of all information regarding costs. 


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the problem with capitalism and democracy

Capitalism has resulted in concentrations of wealth never before seen and democracy has systematically removed from the very people it is supposed to empower, the ability to resist the systematic theft that permits this concentration of power to exist. This is not a call to implement socialism or communism, its a discussion on the evils of capitalism and democracy and a suggestion that it is time to learn about and build the merit-driven mission Jesus told us to be