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Who We Are/what we do

Who We Are

Dextarian is right-wing conservationist organization.

What We Do

Dextarian promotes right-wing conservation and the elimination of waste in all of its forms using market mechanisms.

How We Do It

Dextarian teaches right-wing conservation and how to go green using market-mechanisms. Exchanges are right-wing conservative modules created as market-driven, waste destroying facilities. Exchanges target and systematically eradicate a source of waste using the mechanisms of the free market but not the free enterprise system. Dextarian Greens reject capitalism as inherently wasteful, and destructive of market mechanisms needed to generate accountability.


Every problem is a cost that someone created but did not pay. This is socialism. Socialism is poor accounting. Social costs creates threats of loss and risk for society and future generations. The creation of costs others must pay is socialism.  Socialism is a manifestation of Babylon. Babylon falsifies costs and infringes on ownership rights using the doctrine of might makes right.

Dextarian Defined

Dextarian is a right-wing conservative organization promoting conservation through free market mechanisms. Dextarian Green believes we must pay all costs we create and not impose costs onto others. This is the principle of accountability. We own what we create, and no one has a right to impose costs onto others.

Dextarian Greens believe in the sanctity of ownership. We respect the rights of the creator to what he or she creates. We are accountable for the costs we create. Without accountability the sanctity of ownership is contravened. 

Waste disrespects the right of owners. Waste destroys value and opportunities. Freedom is nothing more than an abdication of our responsibility towards others and to what we have been given.


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the problem with capitalism and democracy

Capitalism has resulted in concentrations of wealth never before seen and democracy has systematically removed from the very people it is supposed to empower, the ability to resist the systematic theft that permits this concentration of power to exist. This is not a call to implement socialism or communism, its a discussion on the evils of capitalism and democracy and a suggestion that it is time to learn about and build the merit-driven mission Jesus told us to be