It is not a good time to be either a nationalist or a patriot. It is not a good time to be on the Right. Nor is it good to be a white person, male, a person with job, morals, faith or a minority who has broke ranks with the left. It is not a good time to be anything but on the left. 

Many of these problems are of our own making. The West was originally a Christian culture with Christian values. Up until the 1960s Most Western cultures still believed in the culture of the West and its traditions. All of this began to rapidly erode just a few short decades ago. The Right gave up its hegemony because it was asked to and it was too polite to say, “No.”

The argument is made that borders are not natural therefore nations have no right to exist. Scripture does not support this. Israel was a nation whose offenses included a failure to maintain its national, cultural and religious integrity. Science also fails to justify this claim. It is true borders are not found in nature but what in nature dictates to us?

If we eliminate national borders why not all borders and all boundaries? If borders are eliminated human rights are eliminated. Rights exist only when we have resources needed to support them. 

Christianity is our culture; the church is a way of life. These lands we live on are church lands, this life we live is based on Christ. We were bequeathed these lands and this culture by God. It is our legacy; it is ours by right of Dominion and stewardship.

We are citizens of God’s Kingdom and our lands are our responsibility.

By the doctrine of Dominion and the law of the Greatest Good, our lands belong to those who create value for this place, that is, the people of God.

By the principle of Stewardship, we are responsible for the lands under our jurisdiction.

Rights given by God and responsibilities owed to God cannot be re-assigned, abrogated or diminished. The authority of the people over the nation, comes directly from God.

We are owners of our nations and our political jurisdictions. We live in our borders because these define the extent of our responsibility to God for what we have been given. We have the power and authority of owners because we have been given Power of Attorney by God. We are not renters or peasants or subjects we are the representatives of God on earth.

These lands, these nations are the means by which the Greatest Good is pursued. The only time we lose our rights to our lands is when we cease to add value to them. At the same time, those who would come and destroy the value created or cause the Greatest Good to be compromised lose their rights to reside here and their claim to autonomy. We earn our freedom and our liberty and our voice and our place at the table.


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