As with so many others up until a handful of years ago I would have identified as a liberal. For me it was the vision of another Trudeau entering politics that energized me to vote for the first time. I was born in 1948. I do not like politics, and I have opposed both capitalism and communism since the 60's. I went through the civil rights movement. I have always hated and despised elitism, globalism and statism, things I identified with the Right. And for most of my life i was an atheist whether atheists want to accept this or not. I denied the Lord Jesus Christ in Sunday School, to my Sunday School teacher and to my peers.

As with most people freedom and choice appear to be good things. The left has become devilishly cleaver at manipulating ideas. Freedom for the left has come to mean free abortions, freedom from religion, freedom to make up one’s own morality as the need arises. Choice is the freedom to abort and make up one’s own value system without the inconvenience of having to defend any of the choice one makes.

According to the left choices ought to be without negative impacts. Any resistance suggests intolerance from the right. The role of others is to be supportive regardless of the choice made.

The narrative on the left suggests we are all gods or supreme entities free to make our own choices. The right has had the misfortune of being labelled conservative, meaning resisters to change. The term suggests conservatives are not against what is going on they are worried about the timing.

Conservatives are viewed as people trying to preserve a past; a past we may view favorably but others see as dominated by white males.

The response of the right has made it difficult to do much that fight a defensive war against the left’s narrative. They accuse us of racism, misogyny and bigotry and we respond by listing our stellar qualities which tends to play into their hands. This tends to leave us with only two options, we recant our racist hatred and adopt the left agenda, or we dig in our heels and embrace the lefts characterization of the right. Whites have adopted both strategies giving rise to the odd phenomenon of whites attacking whites for being white.

The solution is neither to join in white baiting nor in the embracement of white apologetics. 

The right needs a new vision and a new narrative.

The Right must repackage itself as the voice of equality, of equal rights for all, special rights for none. The power of the left is founded on its ability to identify and empower victims. The left breeds entitlement and for this to work it requires a powerful state. Equality may be given lip-service by the left, but equality sounds the death-knell for liberalism.

Business provides the framework the right needs. Business is bipartisan and objective in its workings. If you are right or wrong, the market decides. The market is democracy on steroids. No one can dispute disinterest that spills over into a refusal to finance an option or ideology. No ethical philosophy can long justify a productive and self-sustaining group having to carry a group who will not even make an effort to feed itself.

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